Who is this course for?

Before we get into what all this course includes, let's talk about who this course is for! Whether you are...

  • Are you new to parent advocacy in the IEP or 504 system? ...OR...

  • You aren't new to IEPs/504s but you feel like you need more information to properly advocate for your child? ...AND...

  • Do you feel like all your advocacy is crammed into an hour long meeting once per year? ...OR...

  • Do you feel pushed around or your advocacy efforts are hitting a brick wall when it comes to communicating with the school?

  • You want simple, effective strategies for year-round advocacy that helps you create the learning plan your child actually benefits from!

  • If any or all of these are you, then you are absolutely in the right place, and this mini-course is a QUICK, easy solution to building clear and effective advocacy skills that will decrease your own stress and ultimately help your child feel supported in their learning!

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By the end of this mini-course you will:

  • Understand The IEP Process

    Use PDF guides to understand where in the IEP cycle your child is and the essential data and communication strategies you need in each phase to get the best learning plan for your child!

  • Build Skills to Leverage Your Parent Role

    Learn strategies to promote collaboration with the school IEP team and apply your expertise of your child and their disability to the learning plan!

  • Intro to Paperwork

    What you learn and know about your child is essential to crafting the most supportive learning plan. Learn the very basics about how to read an IEP and check that it's an effective plan!

  • Choose Your Communication Strategies

    The more contact you have with your school team, the more you can understand if your child is fully being supported at school! Learn what other parents use to monitor progress.

  • Implement Strategies to Keep Organized

    You can't advocate for something without having documentation to back up the request! Whether you are a paper and pencil kind of person, or a tech wiz, learn strategies pro parent advocates use to stay on top of everything -- skyrocketing their advocacy success!

"Parents who have kids on IEP’s, I would highly recommend connecting with Beth Liesenfeld.

As a new teacher, she has been my go to for the last couple of years. She has so much knowledge, love for children, resources and the biggest heart! I have been lucky to learn from her!" Wendy, Special Education Teacher

Wendy, Special Education Teacher

What's Inside:

We know your time is short. Learn the most essential strategies for advocating for your child -- in 2 hours of content!

  • 5 modules with video AND audio file teachings

    In less than 5 minute videos OR audio files (aka multi-tasking!), learn WHY and HOW successful parent advocates utilize strategies to support their child.

  • PDF Quick Guides

    Easy to digest process maps and infographics make understanding the process and strategies easy! Keep them for reference for forever -- they are yours to keep for when you need them!

Why do You Need Advocacy Skills?

Simple. Your child.

Whether you have a stressful and exhausting relationship with the school team or it's easy breezy, the real winner or loser is your child. Without your education and support, your child may not get the correct service or the quality services to help them become a capable, supported adult.

Take Advantage of Getting Actionable Strategies to Help Your Child!

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