Before we jump in, let's talk about who this course is really for...

You're a parent of a child with an IEP and feeling frustrated or lost with the secrecy and complexity of the IEP process. You may be searching for information and finding random helpful information, but the process is exhausting. You are ready for someone to be your guide and tell you the things you need to know so you can feel prepared with an advocacy plan. You are ready to feel confident to ask the right questions of your team and be the best advocate you can be for your child!

  • Whether you are...

  • A parent with a child transferring into the IEP system from birth-3 (IFSP) and just starting out as an advocate for a child in preschool and has been in meetings before, but knows that school-aged IEPs can be very different and you need to be informed from the start

  • A parent with an elementary aged child who has been struggling and is finally getting tested and on an IEP who has felt like their concerns aren't being heard by the school

  • A parent who has had OK experiences with the school so far, but is overwhelmed by all the jargon and acronyms and relying on the team for all the input and unsure what your role in the IEP team is, and wants to be more involved in knowing what to ask for and how to do it

  • If any of these situations sound like you, then you are in the right place!!! I'm going to tell you exactly how The Parent IEP Academy is going to provide you the step-by-step information, confidence, and support to springboard you towards being the parent advocate your child deserves!

By the end of this course you will...

  • Leverage your role as the parent on the IEP team

    Learn your unique expertise and HOW to leverage this role in getting the services and supports your child needs.

  • Implement specific strategies to increase communication

    Increase communication and connection with the school IEP team (AND make the IEP meeting WAY less scary!)

  • Decode acronyms and jargon in the the IEP document

    Using downloadable PDFs and links to online resources you have access to for LIFE!

  • Get your questions answered

    A private Facebook group is provided with weekly live Q&A, daily responses to posts, all in a group you will have access to for LIFE!

  • Create an informed Parent Input Plan

    This build-as-you-go style that ensures you understand what the team will ask, then write it down in an organized PDF you take with you to the meeting!

  • Perform an IEP Audit

    Use the checklists and videos to make sure the last (or new) IEP has all the essential items for a good plan and flows well from one section to the next!

"Parents who have kids on IEP’s, I would highly recommend connecting with Beth Liesenfeld.

As a new teacher, she has been my go to for the last couple of years. She has so much knowledge, love for children, resources and the biggest heart! I have been lucky to learn from her!"

Wendy, Special Education Teacher

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What's Inside:

6 Jam-packed modules (see the ACTUAL content below), all building knowledge to inform your Parent Input Plan!

  • 1

    Welcome to Your Advocacy Journey!

    • Welcome to Your Advocacy Journey!

    • Before you go...let me know what you are most looking forward to in the course!

    • A Little Orientation!

    • Download: The Parent IEP Academy Outline

  • 2

    Your Parent Role in the IEP!

    • The Parent Role in the IEP!

    • Advocacy and Understanding Yourself & the System!

    • Culture, Vision, and Priorities

    • Learning Activities and Handouts

    • Vision Statement Worksheet

    • Parent Input Plan (PIP)

    • Grief Cycle Handout

  • 3

    Building Your Advocacy Communication Skills!

    • Communication is Key to a Great IEP!

    • Communication Styles and Communication Strategy!

    • Learning Activities!

  • 4

    The IEP World!

    • Intro to The IEP World!

    • Educational and Special Education (SPED) Subculture

    • IEP Process

    • Learning Activities video and #1 Handout!

    • Learning Activity #2: Break out that current IEP!

  • 5

    IEP Audit!

    • It's Time! Keep That IEP Out!

    • IEP Sections Part 1

    • IEP Sections Part 2

    • IEP Sections Part 3

    • IEP Sections Part 4

    • Learning Activity #1: IEP Audit!

    • Learning Activity #2: Checking for IEP Effectiveness or "Flow"

    • Learning Activity #3: Understanding Data! I

  • 6

    Bringing it All Together: Your Parent Input Plan!

    • Review of Draft PIP!

    • Finishing Your Parent Input Plan!

    • Ongoing Support from ParentFriendlyOT!

Join The Parent IEP Academy Now!

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  • 6 On-Demand Modules

    A combination of parent stories to let you know what's possible, along with knowledge about the system that helps you know what to ask for to support your child!

  • Build Your Parent Input Plan (PIP)

    With knowledge in each module that builds on itself, you will have a solid, one-page Parent Input Plan to take to your next meeting!

  • Support When You Need it!

    A private Facebook group with weekly Q&A and daily checkins to make sure all your questions are answered and resources available! (This is available to you FOR LIFE!)


If you purchase before March 1, 2022, receive a FREE Private IEP Consult (a $100 value!)

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  • Why should I have to invest in learning the process? Isn't that the school staff's job?

    You likely already know that the only one to truly stand up for your and your family is you! If you want the most out of the schools you MUST learn about the system so you know what and HOW to ask for the correct support for your child.

  • I'm new to IEPs. Is this for me?

    Absolutely! The course is designed to build on itself, building a foundation for how the system works and learning activities that help you apply the concepts to your own priorities for your child.

  • Should I just go through the course if I have an IEP coming up?

    Nope! We learn best when we aren't under the gun. I actually recommend going through the course at least 7-10 days before your next meeting, and even better if you have a few months or more as it will help you understand how the current IEP is working for your child.

  • Is this for people in a specific state?

    No! The content in this course is all based off of Federal Law (IDEA). As long as you are in the United States, this information and plan will work for you!

  • Do you offer additional support?

    Yes! I offer a course add-on coaching package of 3 private coaching sessions for $300. These are valid for up to 1 year after purchase. Please shoot me an email at if you would like to add-on the coaching package and I will send you a link to the checkout page!

  • I still have questions if this is right for me. How can I reach you?

    Let's set up a time to hop on a zoom call! Send me an email at and we can set it up!

Still Thinking About It?

You should give The Parent IEP Academy a risk-free go! You have until the end of the 2nd module to decide if it's right for you. And you only have confidence, a parent plan, and success for your child to gain. 

I hate to say it -- but school services do end. If you are new to the process, it pays to have information you carry with you to advocate for your child everyday.

This information isn't just about the IEP, it's about knowing what and how to ask for the schools to support your child. 

You are the only one that knows your child as well as you do.

You are going to be the only one there for your child once school ends.

Your child needs you. And you only have to sign up and commit to giving it a try! 

I personally cannot wait to guide in your advocacy journey!

I don't want to have another parent lose out on an opportunity to advocate for their kid. Ever.

I mentioned those 80+ meetings I've participated in the years, right? Some parents CLEARLY had the confidence to step up and stand up for their child. Armed with knowledge of the system, they knew what to ask for and HOW to ask for it. They inspired the school team and left everyone energized to help their kid. Those were the best IEP plans ever! I want all meetings, namely YOUR next meeting to go this way. I want you to feel confident both leading up to and in the meeting! I want you to experience the difference when you have the knowledge and understanding, and you've put the work into thinking about your Parent Input Plan. Should you choose to accept my invitation into The Parent IEP Academy, I personally guarantee this is a life-changing learning experience for you and your family. I look forward to personally meeting you inside The Parent IEP Academy! Beth